About us

Thanks to a very successful Kickstarter campaign in late 2016, where our funding goal was smashed by nearly 450%, we were able to bring Show Me Your You to the world. 

As professional wedding & portrait photographers ourselves, shooting in our heartfelt way over many hundreds of sessions, we organically developed our signature prompts that we still use time and time again to help our subjects open up and show us their most joyful, authentic selves.

What makes Show Me Your You special is that it gives you access to the golden nuggets that have given us the best results throughout years of trial and error. Like most photographers, we've learned the hard way (and are still learning!)—through mistakes, awkward moments, a bit of healthy risk-taking, wins, tears and goosebumps.

Best of all, we we've put it all into a handy, attractive, affordable and portable package for you.


An award-winning professional photographer best known for her emotive portraiture, Kat Tramoy, the creator of Show Me Your You, has photographed over four thousand individuals. Show Me Your You was inspired by her love for honest portraiture, and a desire to help others connect more deeply and be more vulnerable on this human journey.