Artist Spotlight - Kristina Ohl-Boyd from Hello Darlin Photography

Show Me Your You Artist Spotlight: Hello Darlin Photography

What three words would best describe both your personality and your photographic style? 

If I was to choose 3 words to encompass my personality and photographic style it would definitely be soulful, moody, & genuine. There are so many words I wish I could add to this list but these definitely describe me. And just to clarify, that's "moody" as in deep. I'm sure I can be full of different moods as well, ha!


What makes you happiest when shooting? 

When shooting, nothing makes my heart happier than when clients drop their walls and insecurities and let the MOMENTS happen. Watching them unfold fills my soul with true joy. Each and every client is so different and seeing that is such an amazing experience.


What do you find most challenging to shoot? 

I definitely find "uncooperative" clients, or those who just don't want to experience being vulnerable, the most difficult. I work around that obstacle but nothing changes the dynamic of a shoot more than someone who isn't in 100%.


Tell us a bit about your experience so far using the Show Me Your You prompts. 

My experience with Show Me Your You cards has been nothing short of refreshing. They help people be in the moment and present. Not fake. The different responses I get from individuals always blow me away. They make sessions more laid back and not so stiff. Who doesn't love that???


Where do you see your photography in 10 years? 

In 10 years I hope to be continuing to learn, grow, and capture life's most breathtaking moments. I never want that to stop. It isn't just a career, it's a passion for me. I adore seeing REAL smiles, hugs, kisses, even tears. Those moments matter to me.


What's your favourite image you've ever taken? (Shared below)

Artist Spotlight

What advice would you give to someone wanting to achieve more authentic moments, expressions and connections in their sessions? 

The best advice I can give photographers who want to achieve authentic moments, expressions, and connections is to be PRESENT. Soak up your surroundings. Get to know your client. Capture moments that YOU would want captured for yourself. Be real. Play games. Be compassionate. Don't be a "cookie cutter" version of what you think photography is about. Always shoot from your HEART.


If you weren't a photographer, what would you be?

If I wasn't a photographer I would definitely be a philanthropist. My husband always tells me I give TOO much. I don't believe there's such a thing. That's what made him fall in love with me. But... if I couldn't be that, I'd open a cupcake/macaroon shop. Sweets are my jam! I probably wouldn't make any profit because I would eat half of my inventory, hehehe!


Want to try Show Me your You prompts for yourself?



Artist Spotlight

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