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Kennedy Church Photography - Show Me Your You


What are three words that would describe both your personality and your photographic style? Romantic, fun & adventurous. 

Tell us a bit about your biz! I started photography about three years ago. I did it as a hobby until my brother created a website for me and encouraged me to turn it into a business. To me, it’s not about the money. It’s about capturing these raw moments in life and sharing love stories. Just by looking at a photograph, it can immediately take you back to that exact moment and bring back those emotions that you felt in the photo. 

How would you describe your ultimate dream shoot? The last two months I have envisioned a photo shoot with a couple madly in love at a lake in a canoe (kinda like The Notebook). So if anyone wants to be my model and has a canoe, you let me know!

Have you always used emotive prompts in your sessions, or was it something you came to after you'd been shooting for a while? No I haven’t but I’m so glad that I came across it. I usually play music on my phone to help loosen up the clients and to have a little fun but it wasn’t enough to bring out full emotion. I had heard of emotive prompts but the one that I was looking at was way too expensive. I did some research and found “Show Me Your You”. As soon as I saw how affordable the price was, I immediately bought it and put it to use that same weekend and haven’t stopped using it since. 

How has your experience been so far using the Show Me Your You prompts? Incredible. I love the raw and emotional moments that come from these prompts.

What’s one of the most emotional experiences you’ve ever had in a session? I had a family photo shoot and had the kids tell the parents what they loved most about them. The photo was filled with love. 

What’s your favourite image you’ve ever taken? This is my most recent work. I had an incredible opportunity to photograph an elopement in Hawaii. I had the couple whisper what they admire most about one another…

Kennedy Church Photography - Show Me Your You


What advice would you give to someone wanting to achieve more authentic moments, expressions and connections in their sessions? Uhhh to purchase Show Me Your You! But for reals, this has completely changed the game of photography. With this, it helps create much more than just a photograph. It creates a story. And as I said earlier, music playing in the background always helps.

If you weren’t a photographer, what would you be? My freshmen and sophomore year of high school I took cosmetology. My cousin and I would joke at the fact at one day having our own salon. But God had greater plans for me.


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Kennedy Church Photography - Show Me Your You

Kennedy Church Photography - Show Me Your You

Kennedy Church Photography - Show Me Your You

Kennedy Church Photography - Show Me Your You

Kennedy Church Photography - Show Me Your YouKennedy Church Photography - Show Me Your You

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