Artist Spotlight - Kaylyn & Sean from The McLachlans

The McLachlans


What are three words that would describe both your personality and your photographic style? 

Relaxed, playful, emotive

What makes you happiest when shooting? 

Seeing our clients connect with each other, open up to one another and having FUN together. 

What do you find most challenging to shoot? 

This doesn't happen very often, but there is the odd session where even after a while of shooting and warming up, the couple STILL resists showing emotion, or are afraid of displaying affection infront of the camera. It makes our job much more challenging than if they just let go and be themselves! 

Tell us a bit about your experience so far using the Show Me Your You prompts. 

It's given us wayyy more opportunities to capture candid emotion, not only during the prompt, but in the "in between" moments that unfold after. We've also had a lot of fun coming up with creative variations of the prompts and applying those to our couples sessions. We find a lot of the prompts can cross over & be applied to different types of sessions. 


What’s one of the most emotional experiences you’ve ever had in a session? 

There was one time the parents at a family session got teary eyed when I had given them the "eye contact" prompt, and admitted that they'd been so busy with parenting and life in general that they didn't remember when the last time they'd made eye contact was. They told me after they left the session that it was the most connected they'd felt in months. 

What advice would you give to someone wanting to achieve more authentic moments, expressions and connections in their sessions? 

Let go. Let go of some of the control. Prepare for your session, and have a few prompts in mind, but beyond that, just stay present and CONNECT with your clients, and then they likewise are willing to be open & vulnerable with each other infront of your camera. 

Instead of being concerned about being too business-ey or professional, just be a human, and get to know them. Be more concerned with becoming their friend and capturing their souls & the heart of who they really are, then you are with taking pretty pictures. And ironically, as soon as you do all of that, you'll be creating some of the most beautiful and meaningful work you've ever created.  


What’s your favourite image you’ve ever taken? 

Sean: One of our brides Raman & her mother at the end of the reception. They were saying goodbye to each other before she moved across the country to start her new married life, and she was thanking her mother for everything she'd done for her. It was an emotional and tender moment. 

The McLachlans

Kaylyn: There are so many, it probably took me an hour to choose!! One of my absolute favourites was from this Moments in Motherhood session. All I had prompted them to do was to "snuggle up and love on their mama" and as they jumped all over her and then eventually settled into this cozy shot, I felt like it captured all of their personalities. 

The mother later sent me the message: 
"Your words as you left my house saying how you look at your family pictures through eyes of being a mother, and try to see yourself through your childrens' eyes, and it completely resonated with me. I first looked through the pics that you sent and instantly picked apart myself, bad habit! But then was quick to correct my thoughts and looked at them through love filled eyes. I noticed Nova's curious little eyes and her super tight hold she had on my arm. Indy's casual approach to life was shown in her loose arms draped over my shoulders. And Mila's true sensitivity is written all over her face. Thank you again not only for the pics but for a reminder to love the life we're living, to be kinder to ourselves, and to completely cherish the people who make it all worth while "

And to me, that's what photography is all about. Encapsulating moments of connection, and opening up our clients eyes to how beautiful and loved they truly are. 

The McLachlans


If you weren’t a photographer, what would you be? 

Sean: Probably a movie director or a musician, creativity fuels my passion for what I do. 

Kaylyn: Probably a midwife, or a doula. I'm drawn to raw moments filled with emotion, and some of the most vulnerable, rewarding moments in both my life & my clients have been when new life is being brought into this world.


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Show Me Your You Artist Spotlight: The McLachlans

Show Me Your You Artist Spotlight: The McLachlans

Show Me Your You Artist Spotlight: The McLachlans

Show Me Your You Artist Spotlight: The McLachlans +

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